How to Clean Attic & Basement Mold?

Mold can be a major problem in both your attic and basement, as it can cause structural damage and serious health problems. Therefore, it is important to act immediately and remove mold from these areas.

So how do you deal with an attic & basement mold? For your convenience, we have prepared a simple guide to help you clean mold in your attic and basement.

Steps to Clean Attic & Basement Mold

Understanding the proper method for cleaning mold from your attic and basement is essential. Below are the steps you should follow:

Step 01: Identify the Source of Moisture

The most important step in dealing with mold is to identify and eliminate its cause. You need to find out what is causing excess moisture, as this will prevent any future mold growth.

Some common causes include a faulty air conditioner drain line, a leaking roof or gutter, condensation from an improperly installed cooling system, or even sump pump failure.

Step 02: Reduce Moisture in Your Attic & Basement

After you have found the source of moisture, it is time to reduce the humidity levels in your attic or basement. You can do this by using a dehumidifier or exhaust fans.

This will also prevent any mold spores from entering your living space. It is important not to disturb any active mold growth or use fans that produce ozone.

Step 03: Make a Mold Cleaning Solution

Once you have eliminated the moisture, you can start tackling the mold itself. To do so, you will need a mold cleaning solution. The most commonly used ingredients for these solutions are bleach and water.

You can also use other ingredients such as detergents, disinfectants, and vinegar. Mix your ingredients together in a large bucket or tub to make your cleaning solution.

Step 04: Start Cleaning the Mold

Once you have created your cleaning solution, it is time to start cleaning. You need to apply it directly onto the mold using a scrub brush or sponge. If you are unable to remove all of the molds with your brush, use a safety knife for stubborn areas.

Step 05: Let the Cleaner Work

After you have applied your cleaning solution, let it sit for a few minutes. This will allow the cleaner to break down the mold and remove any stains or odors it may have caused.

You should ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in the room to prevent any toxic gas from building up.

Step 06: Rinse the Area

After waiting for your solution to work, it is time to rinse off everything. Be sure to thoroughly wash the cleaner from the surface using clean water and a sponge.  Do not be overly vigorous in your scrubbing, as that can damage or discolor surfaces.

Step 07: Dry the Area Completely

After you have removed all traces of mold, it is important to dry the area. You should use fans or dehumidifiers for this process. Mold can grow in damp areas so never assume that just because the surface is dry that it’s also mold-free.


As you have read this guide, we hope that you now understand how to clean attic & basement mold.

You will now be able to clean and remove mold from these areas without difficulty. Just be sure to follow these simple steps when cleaning mold from your attic and basement.

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