Get fitness or art classes at Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre, Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan, Scarborough, ON, CA.

Visit Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre in Tam O’ Shanter- Sullivan neighborhood to take fitness or art classes.

Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan

Tam O Shanter-Sullivan neighborhood is famous due to the main landmark Tam O’ Shanter golf course. The neighborhood is located with Huntingwood drive to the North, Highway 401 to the south, Kennedy Road to the east, and victoria park to the south.

The neighborhood is full of life, hustle, and bustle; there are shopping malls and plazas along with Sheppard Avenue and Warden Avenue. There are many places for recreation Wishing Well Park is located at 1700 Pharmacy Avenue, has kids playgrounds, a baseball diamond, and a tennis club.

The houses in the neighborhood are pretty and situated in an arranged manner in lines. Most homes were built in between the 1950s to 1960s that have traditional architectural styles and look eye-catching.

Schools, hospitals, community centres, parks, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and professional services are available for the residents. The neighborhood is located at a location from where you can reach any place in the City before 45 minutes.

Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre

Tam O Shanter-Sullivan neighborhood is also an excellent place for people who want to spend their day off with recreation and fun.

Everyone wants some fun and relaxation, but it is excellent if it combines skills and happiness; you can get all of this at Stephen Leacock Community Centre. They offer many courses for crafts, arts, dancing, sports, fitness, and leadership programs for kids, Youngers, and adults.

You can register yourself online or by personally visiting the centre. The receptionist will guide you about all the registered programs offered to choose your suitable classes’ schedule.

There are multiple facilities such as the gallery, craft room, kitchen, lounge, and a multipurpose room for making your visit easier. You can get information from their receptionist by calling at 416-396-4040. You can park your vehicle for free in 5 parking areas.

The centre is located at 2520 BIRCHMOUNT RD M 1 T 2M5, where you can visit by your car from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada. The driving instructions are given below.

Start your drive from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada, and go for 54m to Head Southeast, then turn on the right side toward the Kennedy Road and drive for 170m. Now turn left toward the Kennedy Rd and goes for only 25m, then turn on the right side and go for 150m straight. After that, keep following the Shropshire to Birchmount Rd, drive for 1.2km after turning left onto Shropshire Dr then turn on left onto Arbutus Crescent and cover 81m distance.  Then turn right onto Birchmount Rd and keep driving for 2 km, then turn left and go for only 42m; you will be at Good Shepherd Day Care Centre.

Link to driving instructions above:

Then go to Head East toward Birchmount for 42m, turn left onto the Birchmount Rd and go for 88m. After that, take a left turn and then go for 23m, then turn on the left side and go for only 27m; you will see Orchid Garden Bar & Grill on the right side of the road.

After that, go to head south toward the Birchmount Rd, then go to 27m, then turn left toward the Birchmount Rd and go for only 21m. Next, turn to the left onto the Birchmount Road and go for only 150; you will see the building at 3706 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1T 3V8, Canada.

The next stop is Birchmount Place Centre for Early Learning; go for only 270m to head north on Birchmount Rd; you will see its building on the left side of the road.

Now you are only half a kilometer away from the final destination, from here goes to Head north on Birchmount Rd toward the Bay Mills Blvd for 400m. Then turn to the left side and go straight for 94m; here you will see Stephen Leacock Seniors Community Centre building on the left side at 2520 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1T 2M5, Canada.

Full Route: