Visit Toronto Zoo, Scarborough with your family for fun and entertainment

Toronto Zoo, Scarborough is the best place for entertainment and fun for your family and spend your weekend.


Scarborough is one of the popular areas in Toronto that is worth seeing. The neighborhood has many full of life facilities and recreation. It is a suitable place for families to live there.

The Scarborough is located near Lake Ontario, Victoria Park Avenue; visitors’ attraction to Scarborough is quickly increasing due to many recreational spots that were overlooked in the past. There is the famous Toronto Zoo that is one of the largest Zoos in the world.

Scarborough Museum, National Urban Park, beach area, kidstown Water Park, sports centre, Scarborough bluffs, and East Point Park are the best places in Scarborough that could be the best place for the families to visit and spend time.

The neighborhood has the best schools for education, hospitals, churches, smooth and broader roads that make life easier in Scarborough. You will find multiple cultures there because people from different regions live there.

There are restaurants, shopping malls, hotels for stay, shops for fashion, and professional services. The area is very safe, and the public transport system is excellent, making it easier to move from one place to another in Scarborough.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is very popular, and thousands of people visit there to see wildlife with their kids and families every week. It has 710 acres area that makes it the world’s largest Zoo.  There are more than 5200 animals of more than 450 species from different world regions.

The underwater viewing area Gorilla rainforest worth seeing, where you can choose a spot for a picnic. You can take the ride of camels and ponies. It is a perfect place for everyone; kids will enjoy the animals; there are more than six miles of walking trails, gift shops, kiosks, and much more.

The Zoo is also an excellent place to visit for researchers to find any of the world’s species to close view.  Some popular things in Toronto Zoo are Waterside Theatre, places for family entertainment, exhibitions, a play area for kids, a kids zoo, and the Zellers discovery zone.

The Zoo has seven sections based on geographical areas: Indo-Malaya, Africa, Canadian Domain, Australasia, Tundra trek, Americas, and Eurasia. In each section, animals from specific areas are available for visitors to view. There is a parking facility, and you can also visit there by public transport.

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