Plan a trip with family at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, 45 Esandar Dr Unit 1A, Toronto

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the best spot to visit for fun with fitness activities in Toronto with your family.

45 Esandar Dr Unit 1A, Toronto, ON M4G 4C5, Canada

45 Esandar Dr Unit 1A, Toronto, ON M4G 4C5, Canada is a famous street in Toronto rich with many recreational spots. While visiting there, you will get the opportunity to enjoy Sky Zone Trampoline Park which has many recreational opportunities for kids and adults.

Very close to that street, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and drinks at Amsterdam Brewery which is a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. People from all over Toronto come there to enjoy drinks, coffee, and tea.

You can enjoy the delicious Chinese and Japanese recipes at Shashi Food Inc; you can plan your family parties and can enjoy great fun at such a beautiful place.  McDonald sustainability Group Inc is also at only one minute drive.

You also can access many shopping and other life necessities shops. Crystal Clear Cosmetics store, Weishaupt Design Group, Stictchy Lizard embroidery Shops are some of the popular stores in that area for shopping. You can easily access it there by vehicle or public bus because it is very close to the bus stop.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is famous due to several trampoline-based activities recommended for fitness but with great fun and entertainment. It offers opportunities for the kids and adults at trampoline-based jumping, Sky Slam basketball, dodge ball, and many other fitness classes.

You can book the extracurricular activities for yourself or your toddlers for just 8$ to enjoy SkyRobics exercise programs and get fitness classes. They also offer the Glow Jump facility on Friday and Saturday nights in a friendly environment.

Sky Zone Trampoline offers a unique low-impact workout that consists of core exercises, combining calisthenics, strength building, and many more that are very helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.  You can also plan the party in the park for your family or friends but do not forget that only a group of 15 or fewer people is allowed for a party at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

They offer many flipping and bouncing activities in the open areas to dunk the basketball on the SkySlam courts; there is also a designated area for Ultimate Dodge Ball Games.

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