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Water Damage Restoration Service in Toronto

Those who have experienced the dramatic impact that dangerous weather can make on home or business will never forget it. A big part of that devastating experience is facing the gigantic cleanup and restoration that must be done.
Significant water damage can happen at any time to anyone. And it’s ever something anyone should have to deal with on their own.
From remediating mold damage to restoring infrastructure now made unsafe, we’re here to help every step of the way as the top water damage restoration service professionals in Toronto.
Protecting your property is always our No. 1 priority.

Water damage after flooding in a house with furniture floating.

Recovering from Disaster

As climate change has driven an increase in the strength and severity of natural disasters, flood damage has grown across Canada.
Water damage often impacts millions of lives and causes billions of dollars in damage by destroying buildings and homes. It also causes incalculable damage to the health of Canadians, as communities are left to deal with issues such as mold and asbestos.
That’s where we come in as the top water damage restoration service in Toronto. Our water damage restoration services address the multiple and long-lasting impacts of natural disasters and flooding, including:
• Mold remediation
• Complete water removal
• Complete restoration of items, homes, businesses, and other property affected by moisture defacement.

Bathroom sink water leaking

How We Remove Moisture

After a thorough investigation and evaluation, water damage restoration service Toronto technicians immediately use removal pumps to ensure that the moisture will not continue damaging items, walls, or the foundation.
We remove water wall-to-wall through advanced extraction machines, capturing all wire before it seeps into everything from baseboards to wires and insulation.

Mold and Asbestos Removal

Even after water removal, its issues can linger in your home or business. Without water damage restoration service Toronto, dangerous mold can firmly and easily invade spaces even after the immediate impact of flood damage.
The health impacts of mold are vast, ranging from itchy eyes and symptoms similar to allergies to thrush and athlete’s foot.
Mold also exasperates those living with already difficult health conditions, such as asthma, enhancing irritability and symptoms.
We attack mold first by completely removing it; it’s the only way to stop mold dead in its tracks. We locate the exact problems that are leading to continuing mold problems, such as damaged appliances and leaky pipes — all often caused by significant water damage and natural disasters.
Once we locate all of the roots of the problem, we prevent it from progressing. Every single area affected by mold is cleaned through our innovative procedures and then entirely removed through our advanced forms of drying technology.
No space is ignored, no crevice left wet, and nothing is left to chance.
Our mold services are extensive, including crawl space inspection and encapsulation, mildew and odor control, and vapor barrier installation.

Asbestos Removal

Our water damage restoration service Toronto similarly targets life-threatening asbestos growth caused by flooding and increased humidity, especially in high-rises and condominiums.
If asbestos is discovered on your property, your very first step should be a call to our water damage restoration service Toronto.
Flood clean-up frequently highlights already-present asbestos issues, with natural disasters releasing highly damaging asbestos fibers into the air through the dust that is then ingested or inhaled. Asbestos becomes trapped in the throat and nose and lungs, causing a litany of health issues.
Asbestos can become even more of a problem when it’s related to deterioration caused by water damage. When your hand can easily crumble asbestos on its own or asbestos on damaged material, it is at its most hazardous.
With our water damage restoration service Toronto, we easily detect and test for both asbestos and vermiculite, a similarly hazardous home material that can also harbor asbestos.
Once detected, we remove both entirely before completely restoring affected items, including insulation, pipes, tiles, and ceilings. If re-insulation is needed, we can take care of that, too.

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