Get cemetery and funeral services at Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre, Scarborough Junction, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA

Hire cemetery and funeral services from Pine Hills cemetery and funeral Centre, Scarborough Junction, on your loved one’s death.

Scarborough Junction

Scarborough Junction is a multicultural neighborhood for families. It has many life facilities and affordable homes to live there. The neighborhood received its name in 1873 by a post office situated on the Southwest corner of Kennedy Rd, Street Avenue.

Scarborough Junction neighborhood has story-and-a-half homes, small and medium-size bungalows, and small homes built in the 40s and 50s. Large Bungalows are also available on the east side of the Kennedy Rd; you will find large houses, double-storey homes, and split-level houses.

Recreational spots at Scarborough Junction neighborhood include Scarborough community Centre, where several specific craft, dance, fitness, and social programs are offered for seniors, adults, and kids.  That community Centre also operates outdoor tennis courts: many other medium and small-sized parks with children’s playgrounds and baseball diamond facilities.

Overall the neighborhood is full of facilities like shopping Centres, churches, schools, hospitals, parks and transport and a perfect place to live for families.

Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre

Death is a part of life; making funeral and Cemetery arrangements are hard for the families on that sad occasion. In Scarborough Junction, no worry about such occasion and get Cemetery and Funeral services from Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre.

The centre is located at 625 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 1R1, Canada; it has decades of experience and excellent services. Just contact them and get the services as your requirement. They know well how important is your passed loved ones and how to organize everything for a perfect goodbye to them.

They will provide the space for burying your family members; you can contact them at  +1 416-267-8229 and get services with one phone call. They offer services between 8.00 am to 5.30 pm. You can visit there by your vehicle or by public transport. Their services are not just satisfactory but also very reasonable.

The shortest route from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada to Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre is via Kennedy Rd. It is 5.7 Km and may take 15 to 16 minutes with regular traffic.

To visit the Centre by your car or vehicle, follow my simple driving instructions below to reach quickly without facing hurdles.

To start your journey from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada, drive towards Head southeast for 65m, then turn on the left side toward the Nantucket Blvd and go for 87m.  Then turn right onto Nantucket Blvd and drive for 170m, take a right turn onto Wickware Gate and go for 280m, turn to left onto Kennedy Rd, keep moving for 2.6km, and take a right turn and drive for only 40m. You will see New Kalyani Take Out/Catering building on the left side of the road.

Link to driving instructions above:

Now go to Head South toward the Kenmark Blvd for 13m, then turn left toward the Kenmark Blvd and keep driving for 36m. Then take a right turn onto Kenmark Blvd and go for 47m; turn left onto Kennedy Rd; after 350m, you will see Tim Horton’s building on the right side.

Go to Head South On Kennedy Rd for 350m; you will see YouthLink, formerly Big Sisters of Metropolitan Toronto building at 636 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 2B3, Canada.

Then go to Head West on Foxridge Dr toward The Garthwood Dr for 850m, turn on the left side onto Birchmount Rd, go for 400m. Now turn to the right onto Anaconda Ave and drive for only 34 m; you will be near Vanessa Flowers and Caribbean Grocery building at 118 Anaconda Ave, Scarborough, ON M1L 4M6, Canada.

Turn back to Anaconda Ave toward the Birchmount Rd and cover almost 30 to 34 m, then turn on the right side onto Birchmount Rd. After turning, keep driving for 120m, turn to the left at Willowmount Dr and keep moving for 93m. Now turn to the right and cover only 23m distance, then turn left, after 28m you will reach Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre.

Full Route: