Plan a trip to Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum is a recreational spot in Toronto where you can explore art, culture, and the world’s history with great fun.

100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada

100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada is a popular street with many important landmarks closer. You get the opportunity to see museums, parks, universities, shopping malls, and many small and medium-size department stores. It also has many popular restaurants in Toronto closer to that street.

Royal Ontario Museum and Gardiner museums are two famous museums where you can explore culture, arts, architecture, and history. At a two-minute walk distance from the street, Anderson College of Health, Business, and Technology is situated.

University of Toronto Faculty of Music is also very close to 100 Queens Park Street. Music lovers from all over Canada come to attend music classes to enhance their skills.

No worry about meals because it has popular Starbucks, McDonald’s fast food point and many other small restaurants in that area where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with your family. The Royal Conservatory of Music and Shoppers Drug Mart has also situated a one-minute drive from 100 Queens Park Street. You can say the street is full of life, hustle, and bustle.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum is a famous museum in Toronto that displays natural history, world culture, and art, especially Canadian history. The Museum is very popular in Canada, and more than one million people come there every year. The Museum is the biggest in Canada and North America.

The Museum has a very close relationship with the University of Toronto and is operated by the university management. It has become the largest field research institution to deal with conservation and research activities worldwide.

You will get the chance to see 6 million items and 40 galleries in their collections of world natural history and culture. Its popular collections contain minerals and meteorites, dinosaurs, European and Canadian historical artifacts. East Asian, African, and Near Eastern arts are also part of their collections.

The Museum is the house of the largest fossil collection from Burgess Shale and has more the 150,000 specimens. Many fine art collections and designs, including product design, Art Deco, interior, and clothing.

They offer accessible and guided services, parking facilities, a counter for visitors’ help, and a parking facility is also available for the visitors.

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