Visit Cherry Blossom Scarborough, Midland Park, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA, to enjoy the natural beauty

Enjoy with your loved ones at Cherry Blossom Scarborough, Midland, among the natural beauty.

Midland Park

Midland Park is one of the finest neighborhoods in Scarborough. Its boundaries are with Ellesmere Rd, Downwood Park, Midland Avenue, and Birkdale Ravine Park. The beautiful, cherished mid-century modern houses are the specialty of that neighborhood.

Streets are properly lined, trees are planted on the sides of streets, residents of that neighborhood show ownership. Residents of Midland Park have various options to visit the parks, schools, shopping malls, and recreational opportunities on the 401 commuter highway.

The fabulous places such as Kennedy and Scarborough town Centre are located at a short drive from Midland Park neighborhood. There are grocery shops, small and medium-size plazas, and food shops that reflect the multicultural diversity of this neighborhood.

Birkland Ravine, located on its Midland Park edges, has a 2 KM paved trail perfect for joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, and other people. Scarborough Bluff, a landmark for Toronto, is also a short drive from the Midland Park neighborhood. It has all of the facilities that are essential for a better life.

Cherry Blossom Scarborough

Cherry blossom trees are everywhere in Toronto is the specialty of Toronto city that makes Toronto a beautiful city because of natural beauty. People in Toronto and especially in Midland Park Scarborough love cherry blossom trees; cherry blossom Scarborough is a popular place to visit.

Cherry Blossom Scarborough is located in Midland Park at 71 Lyon Heights Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3W1, Toronto, CA. It is one of the finest attractions for tourists in Scarborough. Thousands of people from all over Canada visit there to spend memorable time with their loved ones among the cherry blossom parks.

Everyone enjoys and has opportunities to enjoy. They plan a picnic, walk on the trails, and play with their kids because they freshen their minds and create love and a sense of natural beauty. You can visit Cherry Blossom Scarborough by public transport or your private car.

Follow my detailed and straightforward driving guidelines to reach Cherry Blossom Scarborough, Midland Park.

Start driving 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada, go for 54m to Head southwest and then turn to the right toward the Kennedy Rd and drive for 170m.  Next, turn to the left toward the Kennedy Rd and cover only 25m, then take a right turn onto Kennedy Road, keep going straight for 1.1km.  Then turn right onto Ellesmere Rd and keep driving for 850m, turn to the right onto Midland Ave and go for only 71m, you will be near Roll N Bowl Korean& Japanese Cuisine building, it is on the left side.

Link to driving instructions above:

Then go to Head South on the Midland Ave toward the Canadine Rd for only 80m, then turn left onto Canadine Rd and keep driving for 210m straight. Next, take a right turn onto Oakley Blvd and keep going for 120m; once you reach the turn on the right side onto Dogwood Crescent after 99m drive, you will see Ed Strapagiel building on the left side of the road.

Go to Head east on Dogwood Crescent toward Oakley Blvd for 99m, then turn on the right side onto Oakley Blvd. Go for only 230m; you will be at Pa Maho building 55 Oakley Blvd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3P5, Canada.

There is no drive to head Southwest onto Oakley Blvd toward Millbridge Gate for 450m, then turns onto Brookridge Dr and drive for 230m. Next, turn on the right onto Birkdale Rd and go for 220m; you will Swahili Street Food Co building at Birkdale Rd, Toronto, ON M1P 3R5, Canada.

You are very close to your destination; go to Head South on Birkdale Rd toward the Pomeroy St for 58m and then turn to left onto Pomeroy St and keep driving for 190m. Here you will need to take a slight turn on the right side on Pomeroy St to go to Layon Heights Rd; just after 7m distance, you will find Cherry Blossom Scarborough 71 Lyon Heights Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 3W1, Canada, on the left side.

Full Route: