Plan your family trip to Willowfield Gardens Park, Maryvale, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA

Visit Willowfield Gardens Park, Maryvale, with family to make your weekend special and memorable.


Maryvale neighborhood is located east of the industrial corridor, north by Highway 401 and south by the Canadian Pacific railway line.  It is a small but peaceful place for families to live; the community revolves around the Maryvale public school situated south of Ellesmere Road off Pharmacy Avenue.

It originated from the village of Ellesmere, after the 1800s, with the availability of facilities such as a church, post office, and school; it quickly turned into a neighborhood. Its name evolved after the former Maryvale farm famous for raising and breeding horses.

There are large departmental stores and supermarkets for the shopping situated in a medium-size mall Parkway Mall. In the mall, many fashions, decorating, and improvement stores. For delicious meals, many stores and restaurants are available. Almost all shopping facilities such as home depot, video stores, retail stores, shopping plazas, and golf centers make Maryvale the best place to live.

The outdoor pool, baseball diamond, children’s playground, church, sports field, tennis court, and wading pool for recreational activities are available at Maryvale.

Willowfield Gardens Park

Willofield Gardens Park is one of the best places near the Maryvale neighborhood, where you can go with your loved ones. The garden park is full of natural scenes. You can enjoy yourself in green lands, sit under tall green trees, take a sunbathe, smell the flowers, read books, listen to music, play with kids, do hiking with your leash dog, and meditate.

Walk near the pond and enjoy the greenery and whispering of many birds; you may see the red-winged blackbird there when walking.  Berms surround a soccer field on the left side of the trial in the park behind the school. You can play there with your kids.

You may see the beautiful cormorants on the north end of the pond when you walk through the right trail of the pond. The park has many hiking paths to walk with your loved ones. You can choose the spot to arrange picnic activities with your friends and family.

It is easy to go to Willowfield Gardens Park from the Maryvale neighborhood. Follow our driving instructions to reach the park for fun and entertainment easily.

Start your drive from 1225 Kennedy Rd Unit 2000, Scarborough, ON M1P 4Y1, Canada to Head Southwest 54m, then turn right onto Kennedy Rd and drive for 170m. Next, turn left toward Kennedy Rd, cover 25m distance, and turn right onto Kennedy Rd to keep going for 150m. Now you will need to keep following the Shropshire Dr to Birchmount Rd, turn left onto Shropshire Dr and go for 1.2km, then turn left onto Arbutus Crescent and go for only 81m. Now keep driving to Ellesmere Rd for 1.1km, take a right turn onto Birchmount road and go for 110m, then turn left onto Ellesmere Rd and keep moving for 1 km; you will see Leo’s Salon & Spa building on the right side of the road.

Link to driving instructions above:

Then go to Head west on Ellesmere Rd toward the Crocus Dr, cover a 300m distance, and take a right turn onto the White Abbey Park. Keep driving for only 23m; you will reach LGT Auto Fine Cars; its building is on the right side of the road at 170 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1R 4C8, Canada.

Now go to Head south on White Abbey Park toward the Ellesmere Rd for 23m, then take a right turn onto Ellesmere Rd and go for 160m, then take a right turn onto Crosland Dr; you will be at Supol Consultancy at 16 Crosland Dr, Toronto, ON M1R 4M8, Canada.

Here you are almost near the final destination; go to HEAD north on Crosland Dr toward the Japonica Rd for nearly 350m. Once reached, carefully take a right turn onto Pachino Blvd; after turning the car, keep going, cover a 52m distance and see on the left side. You will see the Willowfield Gardens Park entrance at Toronto, ON, Canada, park your vehicle in the parking lot and enjoy a beautiful time among the natural garden.

Full Route: