Get skills building programs at McGregor Park Community Centre, Dorset Park, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA

McGregor Park Community Centre, Dorset Park, Scarborough, is a reliable place to register for skills-building programs for kids and adults.

Dorset Park

Dorset Park neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods to live for average income families. Many new generated families are shifting there, and the neighborhood passes through the transition. Residents of neighborhoods have various cultural backgrounds that make it a multicultural place.

The neighborhood Dorset Park is situated on the north by Highway 401, and its boundaries are with a commercial corridor and light industry on the east and west. The popular Companies of Toronto, such as Laura and Kraft Foods, are based on the Periphery of that neighborhood.

The houses in Dorset Park were built in the 50s that included cozy story-and-a-half houses, well-kept bungalows, and some semi-detached houses. Currently, in its northeast at Birchmount and Ellesmere Roads, its subdivision comprises semi-detached and fully detached homes.

Kennedy Rd is a suitable shopping spot for the Dorset Park neighborhood residents. Many appliances stores, computer shops, furniture stores, electronics stores, and departmental stores. To enjoy the best meals, many restaurants are located along the street, where you will find international recipes such as Japanese, Greek, Chinese, and traditional Canadian food restaurants.

Kennedy Commons is a big shopping area currently opened on Kennedy Road situated south of Highway 401 on the east of the Kennedy Rd. It has up to 80,000 square feet of retail space, a Superstore, and Lansing Build.

Courtesy Plaza on Birchmount Rd consists of the Indian food market and many family restaurants. Highland Farms is one of the famous food shopping spots for the neighborhood residents situated on Ellesmere Rd, west of Kennedy Rd.

There are many recreational places in the neighborhood for the residents at Dorset Park neighborhood. Dorset Public Park, McGregor Park, and McGregor Park Community Centre are some of the best places for recreation in Dorset Park.

Dorset Public Park has a baseball diamond and kid’s playground; McGregor Park is one of the most significant recreational spots for the residents in the neighborhood. McGregor Park Community Centre offers various facilities and youth programs. There are indoor and outdoor pools, an ice arena for skating, a tennis court, a sports field, a kids playground, and a baseball diamond.

McGregor Park Community Centre

Dorset Park Neighborhood has the specialty of McGregor Park Community Centre, where people from all over Toronto learn different life and fun skills. They offer several programs for kids and adults to enhance their abilities and learn new skills.

The programs continue year-round for all ages and abilities. Some of the popular programs offered at McGregor Park Community Centre are Skating, fitness, general interest classes, and drop-in-time programs for youth, preschoolers, and adults.

The Arts programs offer classes for arts& crafts, Ballet, Dance, guitar, and Visual arts for kids and adults. Pilates and Yoga programs are offered in their fitness facilities for the Young and adults at McGregor Park Community Centre.

Their general interest classes include cooking for the early child, public interest for children, supervised play, and general interest for early childhood programs. Their skating classes are very popular, and people love to join their skating programs. They offer hockey skills for the child, skate for adults, skate for children level 1 to level 5, skate program for Preschool and Youth.

Martial arts programs are offered for adults and kids at McGregor Park Community Centre. Their time and schedules are flexible, making it easy to join their programs; hundreds of people come there to join their programs to build different skills.

Visitors also get many facilities that make their stay easier and more enjoyable. There is Indoor Dry Pad, Kitchen, multipurpose room, and outdoor pool. There are four parking spots for vehicles, sidewalks trails, a pickup facility near the entrance, a reception desk, accessible washrooms, a portable water chair, and water fountains on the main floor.

No worry about the visit to keep things easier and flexible for the programs attendee; the McGregor Park Community Centre remains open between 8.30 am to 11.00 pm. Young people love to visit there for fun and enjoyment in the skating ground. Different competitions and exhibitions are also organized each year for the visitors at the Centre.

McGregor Park Community Centre is situated at 2231 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2P5, Canada, where you can access it by public bus or my vehicle. Follow below driving instructions to access McGregor Park Community Centre.

Start drive from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada, and go for 54 to Head Southwest. Then turn right toward Kennedy Road and go for 170m, turn left toward Kennedy Rd and go for 25m. Turn right onto the Kennedy Rd and keep driving for 1.1 km, then turn right onto the Ellesmere Rd go for 850 m. Turn right onto Midland Ave and go for 850m, then go for 54m straight, make a right turn and go for 26m, then go for 28m; by turning left, you will be at JF Kitchen Manufactory.

Link to driving instructions above:

Go to head north, after 28m turn to the right and go for just 26m then go for 1.0km by turning right onto Midland Ave, you will see Northern College At Pures Toronto Building at the right side.

Now go to head south on Midland Ave toward Lawrence Ave E for 42m, then make a right turn onto Lawrence Ave E for 83m; you will be at Christopher G Hair Emporium at 2560 Lawrence Ave E #1 Scarborough, ON M1P 2R7, Canada.

From here, keep going to Head west on Lawrence Ave E for almost 350m; once you have reached, you will see Lawrence East Station at Toronto, ON M1P 2R5, Canada.

Now go to Head west on Lawrence Ave E and drive for 300m; you will see Tim Horton’s building on the right side of the road on 2370 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2R5, Canada.

Keep going to Head West onto Lawrence Ave E; after 27m of the distance, you will see Esso building on the right side of the road at 2370 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2R5, Canada.

Then go to Head west on Lawrence Ave E toward the Kennedy Rd for 650m, make a left turn, after 130m you will reach to McGregor Park Outdoor Pool on the right side.

You have almost reached; you will reach McGregor Park Community Centre after a 44m drive to Head east.

Full Route: