Get affordable healthcare facilities at Providence Healthcare, Clairlea, Scarborough, Toronto, ON, CA

Providence Healthcare offers the best healthcare facilities in the Clairlea neighborhood, Scarborough, Toronto for strokes, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation for patients, and many other health issues.


Clairlea Neighborhood in Scarborough, Toronto, is suitable for middle-income families with better affordable facilities. This neighborhood is civilized, well-arranged streets have trees, and homes are available at reasonable prices.

Many Shopping Centers and shops are available on Warden, Eglinton Avenues, and Victoria Park. The neighborhood is suitable for commuters because it is well served by public transit and situated close to Don Valley Park.

Houses are uniform, but the streets are a curvilinear pattern that looks arranged and well-mannered. Most of the buildings and homes are from the 40s and 50s in traditional Canadian housing styles. A mix of medium-sized and small-sized bungalows and detached and two-story houses make this neighborhood charming.

In the Clairlea neighborhood, there are opportunities for recreation for the residents. Warden Power Centre is situated in the northeast corner of the Clairlea, and many modern-day shopping centers such as Warden Avenue are the best spots to visit and shop.

In Victoria Park, residents visit for shopping and enjoy delicious foods. Many international food restaurants are available in Mediterranean, Caribbean, East and West Indian foods, and Chinese foods.

The Warden Wood Park in the Clairlea neighborhood is a famous heavily wooden ravine valley; there are paved trails for hiking, jogging, and cycling. The entrance of the Park is near St.Clair and Pharmacy Avenue.

On the south side of the Warden Woods Park, Byng Park and the West Scarborough N.C.C have bocce club and horseshoe pits worth seeing and provide great fun and entertainment to visitors. Detonia Park Golf Course is also popular in Victoria Park Avenue, north of Danforth Ave.

The neighborhood is full of life, the hustle and bustle, and all the living facilities. You can go for a walk, can find schools for kids’ education, churches for prayer, hospitals, parks, ponds, playgrounds, restaurants, shopping malls, and much more that makes that neighborhood perfect to live in.

Providence Healthcare

Emergencies could happen to us anytime, so we could get quick relief from getting access to the best hospital for treatment in such situations. Clairlea neighborhood, one specialty that makes it more suitable to live for the families, is one of the best hospitals of Toronto providence health.

The hospital serves the residents and people from all parts of Toronto city; even the people from other cities from Canada also come there for treatment. Skilled and experienced doctors at Providence Healthcare deals with patients they love to serve, and their reputation is outstanding in Canada.

It is one of the best Health Care facilities in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It provides specialized services for orthopedic surgery, strokes, lower limb amputation, and geriatric rehabilitation.

They offer their services through three separate Care Divisions. The first is the Providence Hospital, one of the largest rehabilitation and complex continuing care centers. Their second division is Cardinal Ambrozic houses of providence, which offer long-term care facilities for 288 residents.

The third care division of Providence Healthcare is Providence Community Centre, which specializes in caregiver support, community clinics, and education and outreach programs of the neighborhood. A healing center also offers chiropractic, chiropody, massage therapy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy services.

They offer the facilities for the visitors like parking facilities for vehicle parking, but parking is paid, reception desk for information and guidance of the visitors. Proper entrance with paved trail facility, palliative care, exit gate, washrooms, separate room, and grounds for the walk are available.

Providence Healthcare is a non-profit organization that offers free services for deserving people. The organization is bonded in a partnership contract with the provincial Health Services Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health.

The Providence Healthcare facility is located at 3276 St Clair Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1L 1W1, Canada, which is easy to access by car or by public buses. You can easily reach by following, below driving instructions from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada, to Providence HealthCare.

Start your journey from 1225 Kennedy Rd, Suite # 2000, Scarborough, M1P 4Y1, Ontario, Canada and go for 65m to Head Southeast, then turn left toward Nantucket Blvd and go for 87m. Then turn right onto Nantucket Blvd and drive for 170m, turn right onto the Wickware Gate and go for 280m, then turn left onto Kennedy road cover a 400m distance. Turn right onto Lawrence Ave E and go for 800m, then turn on the left side onto Birchmount Rd and drive for 1.7km. After that, turn to the right onto Ashtonbee Rd and keep going for 1.1km, then turn left onto Hakimi Ave and go for 350m, then go for 130m by continuing on Lebovic Ave. Turn to the right, go for 160, then turn to left, just after 30m you will reach 1901 Eglinton Ave E.

Link to driving instructions above:

Go to Head east for 32m, then go for 52m; by turning right, make a left turn and drive for 29, then go for 150m by taking a right turn. Then turn to the left and go for 26m; you will be at Seafood City Supermarket- Scarborough.

Go for 89m to Head east toward Lebovic Ave, then make a right turn onto Lebovic Ave and kee driving for 76m; you will be near the Dollarama building.

Then go to Head south on Lebovic Ave toward Comstock Rd for 180, turn right onto Comstock Rd and go for 56m. After that, go for 120 by taking a left turn; you will see Villacci’s Garden Depot building once covered.

Go to Head Southeast toward Hymus Rd for 130m, then turn on the left onto Hymus Rd and drive for 300m. Then turn right onto Warden Ave; after 26m, you will be near the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer building.

Then Go to head south on Warden Ave for 180m; you will see Air Heat Supplies building on the rights side at 746 Warden Ave. Unit # 1, Scarborough, ON M1L 4A2, Canada.

Next, go to Head south on Warden Ave toward Cleanside Rd for 160; you will reach near Tim Horton’s building on the rights side.

Then go to Head South on Warden Ave toward Fairfax Crescent for 500m, then turn to the right onto St Clair Ave E and drive for 400m. Next, turn to the right at Herron Ave and go for 800m, then make a left turn and drive for only 130m; you will be at Providence Healthcare.

Full Route: